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Individual Competitor Ranking Guidelines:
1. Individual scoring is based on gender, age and equipment as defined in the Standard Brackets for Coalition Events: 10 Male brackets and 5 Female brackets. Note that some events do not use the Standard Brackets for Coalition Events.
2. As some events do not use the standard brackets, age based on Date-Of-Birth is used to determine a score value for non-standard divisions.
3. A competitor's First Name, Last Name and age based on Date-Of-Birth is used across all events to determine their ranking.
4. Team Captains must be consistent when entering First Name, Last Name and Date-Of-Birth information. It is recommended you edit your member list for accuracy and use the pull-down member list in the entry form to select your competitors to ensure consistency.
5. To be included in Coalition Individual Scoring a competitor must participate in a minimum of three (3) Coalition Sanctioned Events.
During the preliminary period, to encourage participation, the rankings are based on two (2) Coalition Sanctioned Events.

6. The three top placements for each individual are added to make up a composite score for that competitor.
7. Competitor ranking is ordered based on low to high composite score, where the lowest score is awarded first place, the next highest score is awarded second place and so on.
8. A blank score for any event indicates that competitor did not participate in that event.